"HISTORY on the river...AUGUSTA, my old Kentucky home."
Bracken County Government

Bracken County Government Information

Circuit Clerk 735.3328

County Attorney 735.2905

County Clerk 735.2952

Cooperative Extension Service 735.2141

Emergency Management 735.2570

Garage 735.3143

Head Start 735.3341

Judge Executive, Earl Bush 735.2300

Library 735.3620

Licking Valley Community Action Program 735.2948

Sheriff 24 Hour Service 735.3233, 735.2700

Surveyor 735.2578

State Police 800.352.9882

Tax Commissioner 735.2228

Tourism Department 756.2183

Bracken County Services

Ambulance Service 735.2694

Animal Shelter 735.3475

Bracken County Solid Waste 735.9960

Bracken County Health Dept. 735.2157

Bracken County Chamber of Commerce 735.3474

Bracken County Nursing and Rehab 756.2156

Childcare Services 735.3996

Family Resource & Youth Service Center 735.3349

Literacy Services 735.3569

Historical Society 735.3337

Water District 735.3513

Bracken County Fiscal Court Magistrates

Carl Allen

David Hughes

Doug Smith

Clark Hennessey

Dennis Jefferson

David Kelsch

Scotty Lippert

John Corlis
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