"HISTORY on the river...AUGUSTA, my old Kentucky home."
List of Local Businesses

•The Baker-Bird Winery
•Bracken Berry Farm 606-728-4206 www.brackenberryfarm.com
•Brackenridge Berry Farm 606.735.2490 www.brackenridgeberryfarm.com
•Chipotle Chicks www.chipotlechicks.com
•Corner Stone Farm 606.747.0220 www.freewebs.com/cornerstonefarm/
•Fire on the Ridge Farm www.fireontheridge.com
•Hillside Orchard 606.747.5635  http://hillsideorchardandcountrystore.com
•Lavender Hills of Kentucky 606.735.3355 www.lavenderhillsofkentucky.com
•Lucky K Lakes & Stable 606.782.5253, 606.756.3182
•McDowell Farms Salsa 606.728.2433 www.mcdowellfarmssalsa.com
•Maple Ridge Soaps and Sundries 606.756.2605
•Ram-Z Riverside Stables and Trails 606.735.2931
•The Greenhouse in Gertrude 606.782.0033

Antique Shops

•Janes Fine Art and Antiques, Augusta 606-756-2050
•Rosehill Marketplace, Augusta 606-756-2598


•Augusta City Attorney, Cynthia Thompson 606-756-2663
•Brooksville City Attorney, Ed Rudd 606-756-2950
•Brown, Louise M., Attorney at Law 606-756-3116
•David Laskey, Attorney at Law 859-757-1218
•Rudd & Schumacher, Attorneys at Law 606-735-2612
•Thompson & Sanning, Attorneys at Law 606-756-2663 or 606-756-2066

Auto Repair/Machine Shops

•Bauer Brothers Garage, Brooksville 606-735-3320
•Bice Pro Stop, Brooksville 606-735-3440
•Cummins Auto Center, Foster 606-747-5838
•Darrell’s Machine Shop, Augusta 606-756-3990
•D & T Body Shop, Germantown 606-728-2211
•Galloway's Garage, Brooksville 606-747-5964
•Germantown Muffler, Germantown 606-728-5027
•Jeffersons Garage, Brooksville 606-735-2426
•Kevin's Kar Kare, Augusta 606-756-2447
•Morris Chevron & Service, Augusta 606-756-2455
•R & S Muffler & Brake, Augusta 606-756-3006
•Teegarden Garage, Johnsville 606-747-0209
•Tuckers Tire & Body Shop, Brooksville 606-735-2427


•Citizens Deposit Bank, Brooksville 606-735-2959
•Citizens Deposit Bank, Germantown 606-728-2781
•First National Bank, Brooksville 606-735-2125
•US Bank, Augusta 606-756-2165

Barbers/Beauty Salons

•Dians Doll House, Augusta 606-756-3126
•DJ’s Hair Fashions, Brooksville 606-735-3276
•Hair Quarters, Brooksville 606-735-2313
•Head Quarters, Augusta 606-756-2288
•The New Wave, Brooksville 606-735-3590

Day Care Services

•Augusta Child Care, Augusta 606-756-2163
•Bracken County Child Care, Brooksville 606-735-3996

Dentists, Optometrists, Physicians

•Bracken Eye Care Center, Brooksville 606-735-2020
•Brindley, Dr. Milton, Family Practice, Augusta 606-756-2137
•Primary Plus, Augusta 606-756-
•McCord, Dr. Gary L, Dentist, Brooksville 606-735-3114

Drug Stores

•Dean’s Pharmacy, Brooksville 606-735-2322
•Reynold’s Pharmacy, Augusta 606-756-2204

Farm Supply/Tractors

•Augusta Farm Supply 606-756-3905
•Brooksville Farm Supply 606-735-3326
•Riverside Tractor, Augusta 606-756-2177
•Stewart’s Bracken County Farm Center, Brooksville 606-735-2325
•Willow Farm Supply, Brooksville 606-735-3465


•Amy Blue Daisy, Augusta 606-756-2821 www.amysbluedaisy.com
•Country Petals, Augusta 606-728-2406
•Flowers and More, Brooksville 606-735-3655


•Augusta Flooring 606-756-2683
•Bold Carpet, Foster 606-747-5963

Funeral Homes

•Metcalfe-Hennessey, Augusta 606-756-2270 www.mhfuneralhome.com
•Moore & Parker, Augusta 606-756-2101 www.mooreandparkerfh.com
•Palmer, Germantown 606-728-2500 www.mooreandparkerfh.com

Gas Stations

•Gasoline Alley (Shell), Brooksville 606-735-2620
•Here and There Stop and Go, Germantown 606-728-9027
•Morris Chevron, Augusta 606-756-2455
•Shell, Augusta 606-756-3307

General Contractors/Building/Electrical/HVAC/Plumbing

•Chuck’s Plumbing Service, Foster 606-756-2655
•David Simon's Appliance, Augusta 606-728-5002
•Glancy Painting and Decorating 606-756-3710
•Gaunce Construction, Augusta 606-756-2362
•Hedgecock Electric, Germantown 606-883-3275
•Kern Plumbing, Brooksville 606-735-2258
•Mego Construction, Johnsville 606-747-0567
•Nickerson Construction, Augusta 606-756-3928
•Robinson’s Heating and Air Conditioning 606-747-5326
•St. Clair Roofing and Sheet Metal, Foster 606-747-5847
•Sellers, Alan - Professional Painter 606-756-2502
•Sharp Heating and Air Conditioning 606-747-5982
•Wyatt Construction, Brooksville 606-747-5267

Gift/Specialty Shops/Florists

•Allmark Sales, Brooksville 606-735-2065 www.allmarksales.com
•Amy’s Blue Daisy, Augusta 606-756-2821 www.amysbluedaisy.com
•Ann’s Video-N-Tan, Brooksville 606-735-2351
•Asbury Meadow, Chatham 606-756-2100 www.asburymeadow.com
•The Augusta Art Guild Gallery 606-756-3102 www.augustaartguild.com
•The Augusta General Store 606-756-2525
•Barbara’s Art Studio and Gallery, Augusta 606-756-2787
•Beads & All That 606-375-0236
•Brooksville Florist 606-735-2670
•Canine Creations Grooming Salon, Foster 606-747-0806
•Country Petals, Augusta 606-728-2406
•Flowers & More, Brooksville 606-735-3655
•The Folk Art Shop, Augusta 606-756-3077
•Jeans and Such, Augusta 606-756-3167
•RedHatters Shoppe & Club House 606-756-3762
•Simply Unique, Augusta 606-756-3342
•Small Town Gift Shop, Augusta 606-756-2747 http://smalltowngiftshop.homestead.com
•Video-N-More, Augusta 606-756-3923

Grocery/General Stores

•B & H Grocery, Brooksville 606-737-3377
•Dollar General Store, Brooksville 606-735-3686
•Figgin’s Market, Berlin 606-747-5503
•Here and There Stop and Go, Germantown 606-728-9027
•Jacob’s Grocery, Brooksville 606-735-2544
•K’s IGA, Augusta 606-756-2145
•Lee’s Bestway, Brooksville 606-737-2123
•The Liquor Cabinet, Brooksville 606-735-2535
•Main Street Food Market, Brooksville 606-735-2908
•R’s Liquor & More, Augusta 606-756-2722

Hardware & Building Supplies

•Bradford’s Home Mart, Augusta 606-756-2450
•Lucas True Value Hardware, Brooksville 606-735-3331
•Miller Lumber, Augusta 606-756-2151 http://millerlumbercompany.com
•Tarters Hardware, Brooksville 606-735-3147

•Bracken Creek Apartments, Augusta 606-756-3217
•Brooksville Court Apartments, Brooksville 606-735-3623
•Mary Ingles Manor, Augusta 606-756-3170


•Carol Moran Independent Insurance Agency 606-735-3555
•Kentucky Farm Bureau 606-735-2408
•Woodman of the World Insurance, Brooksville 606-735-2983
•Woodman of the World Insurance, Augusta 606-756-2891

Laundries, Car Wash

•Augusta Junction, Laundromat 606-756-2010
•Augusta Car Wash, Route 8, Augusta
•Brooksville Car Wash & Laundry, Brooksville 606-756-2024


•Bracken County Library, Brooksville  606-735-3620 www.brackenlibrary.net
•Knoedler Memorial Library, Augusta 606-756-3911

Lodging/Country Inns

•Asbury Meadow B&B  606-756-2100 www.asburymeadow.com
•Barbara’s White Rose B&B 606-756-2787
•Jane’s Riverview B&B 606-756-2050
•Payne House, Inc. 606-756-3762
•The Parkview Country Inn 606-756-2667 www.parkviewcountryinn.com

Manufacturing Plants

•Clopay Corporation, Augusta 606-756-2131
•Liming Machinery, Foster 606-747-0344


•Bracken County News, Brooksville 606-735-2198  www.thebrackencountynews.com

Professional Services

•Bracken Ridge Center, Brooksville 606-735-3965 www.brackencenter.com
•H & R Block 606-756-2520
•Medical Massage Therapy, Augusta 606-407-2775
•New Horizons Sports & Medical Massage, Augusta 937-631-6484
•Sticklen, Janet, Tax Consultant, Brooksville 606-735-3579
•Wiseheart Wellness, Augusta 859-250-9318 www.wiseheartwoman.com

Real Estate Services

•Huff Realty, Brooksville 606-735-9090 www.huff.com
•Perry Poe Real Estate & Auctioneer, Brooksville 606-735-3176 www.poerealty.com
•Remax Realty, Germantown 606-782-4206 www.remaxrusty.com
•Taylor Realty, Augusta 606-756-2111


•The Augusta General Store 606-756-2525
•Augusta Junction 606-756-2010
•The Augusta Pub 606-756-9910
•Beehive Tavern  606-756-2202
•Bravo Cafe  606-756-2727  www.bravocafe.net
•Buckners on Main  606-756-3784
•Carbo’s, Brooksville 606-735-2091
•Carota’s Pizza, Augusta 606-756-2343
•Carota’s Pizza, Brooksville 606-735-2604
•The Corner Café, Augusta 606-756-3219
•The Kool Diner,  Brooksville  606-735-9163
•Marks Bar and Grill, Brooksville 606-735-3663
•The Parkview Inn Restaurant, Augusta 606-756-2603 www.parkviewcountryinn.com
•Roosters, Brooksville 606-735-2248
•Snappy Tomato Pizza, Brooksville 606-735-3700

•Prestige Designs, Augusta 859-402-0273 www.prestigedesignsllc.com

Transportation Services/Auto Dealers

•The Augusta Ferry Authority 606-756-3291
•Jim's Auto Outlet 606-735-2442

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